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10X Your Deals Today with PROMO & Claim Your Free 14 Day Trial

SMS + Social 

Share Deals to Text & Social Media

  • Full Access To The PROMO App

  • Unlimited SMS Promotions

  • User Deal Tracking

  • Performance Analytics

  • Facebook Deals

  • Instagram Deals

  • X (Twitter) Deals

  • Unlimited Promotional Deals

  • Unlimited Events

  • Verified User Account

  • Cancel Your Subscription At Any Time

  • 24/7 Customer Support


Turn Your Customers into Social Media Influencers

Consumers are becoming increasingly selective about the content they interact with, and the challenge for marketers is to create compelling and relevant messages that cut through the noise.

A strategic and innovative approach, with a focus on providing genuine value to the audience is the key to your success.

PROMO is the solution.

PROMO vs. Traditional Advertising


Cost-Effective Marketing:
PROMO Deals enables businesses to reach a wider audience.

Viral Potential:
By allowing customers to share promotional deals with their friends and family PROMO leverages the viral nature of word-of-mouth marketing.

Increased Customer Engagement:
Customers become advocates and active participants in your marketing efforts.

Targeted Audience:
By tapping into the networks of existing customers, promotional content is more likely to convert.

Trustworthy Recommendations:
Customers trust recommendations from friends and family more than traditional advertising.

Customer Loyalty:
By offering rewards for sharing, PROMO incentivizes customer loyalty.


Traditional Marketing

X High Costs:
Traditional marketing methods such as television advertising, print media, and radio ads often come with substantial expenses.

Limited Audience Targeting:
Traditional marketing can lack precision in reaching specific demographics, resulting in wasted resources.

Ineffectiveness for Smaller Businesses: Traditional marketing can be particularly challenging for small businesses with limited budgets.

Difficulty in Measuring ROI:
It can be challenging to accurately measure the ROI for traditional marketing efforts.

Limited Interactivity:
One-way communication channels, offer little opportunity for real-time interaction with customers.

Ad Avoidance:
Consumers have become adept at avoiding traditional ads, such as using ad-blockers.

PROMO Deals leverage the power of your social media & SMS Text Campaigns while offering customers rewards for sharing your deal
with others, creating a viral domino effect.

Unlock Your Full Potential With PROMO


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