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Amplify Your Reach with PROMO

Looking to Promote Your Own Shows, Sell Tickets & Grow Your Following? We got you! PROMO is a FREE app that gives Artists & Creators the power to grow and manage their music. Using the power of promotional deals, you can easily go viral with our unique technology that allows your fans to share your deals on their social media. Creating a domino effect and drastically increasing your reach, instantly. Did we mention it's FREE?

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Post Shows & Events, Sell tickets and run Promotional Deals for Free! Fans can easily follow and track your touring dates live on our map and get incentivized for sharing your content.

Promo Deals

Build custom campaigns for Merch, Tickets & Special Events while offering special deals to your fans, incentivizing their engagement and social media sharing. They earn rewards, and you get exposure! It's Fan driven marketing.

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Sell Tickets

Have full control over your ticket sales! With PROMO you create your tickets. From the look to the price, it's all in your control. Simply connect a stripe account and sales revenue can move directly into your bank account. PROMO also offers some of the lowest rates in the industry. Any show, any size, anywhere, and anytime.

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