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Free Band Promotion

Looking to promote your own events, sell tickets and grow your following? PROMO is the perfect app that can help. PROMO is a robust FREE app that gives creators all of the power to grow and manage your business. Using the power of promotional deals on PROMO, you can easily go viral with our technology that allows your fans to share your deals to all social platforms. This creates a domino effect and drastically increases your reach instantly, for free.


With PROMO you can create events, events with tickets or promotional deals! Users can find you by searching locally, using the map or seeing you featured on the home page for FREE!

Creators can build custom campaigns that offer free or discounted merch that would be shared by your fans to their social media. In return, they can potentially win the deal based on how many clicks you require from their followers. They get the prize, you get the exposure! Everyone wins!

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Merch Deals

Sell Tickets

Have full control over your ticket sales! With PROMO events you have the full ability to sell tickets to your fans. Create different ticket types and even brand them uniquely to your brand. Set quantity and price per type of ticket. 

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