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10X Your Deals with PROMO

Promo Deals

As one of our flagship features, Promo Deals are an innovative and powerful way to provide value to users, event creators, and businesses. Creators can build custom sharing campaigns and reward users for sharing these promotions on their social media.

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If you are planning a visit to a new city or

are just looking in your local area, with

Promo you can easily discover events and things to do. You can simply plan a night out, find your getaway, and meet up with friends  or like-minded people.

Promo provides tools for both creators

and attendees, bridging the gap between events and social media, in a fresh, 

easy-to-use interface.

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Events & Tix

Promo is a one-stop-shop for event creators and venues. With our flexible and user-friendly event creation tool, you can sell tickets for any type of event, whether it's a single date, extended days, or recurring events - we've got you covered.


Plus, we offer the ability to sell tickets straight from our platform, using a unique anti-scalping system to ensure fair prices for all. With the best rates in the industry, there's no need to go anywhere else. Promo does it all.


Get connected with friends, followers & attendees. Create groups, and chats, send & receive direct messages, customize photos, share content and earn incentives for doing. You can even follow your favorite creators, friends, or influencers and keep track of their events and promotional deals all from your profile.


Promo XP

With Promo XP, you can earn points on the app, while growing your user status to get ticket discounts, and special deals and even link up with local businesses. As a business "Regular" you can also receive special offers, discounts, and unique perks.

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